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Move Your House to the Top of the List

Buyers are increasingly doing their initial searches on the internet and homes with videos go straight to the top of the viewing list and produce more serious buyers.  While you are at it, a web page isn't a bad idea either.

Videos have become standard procedure with the best real estate agents, This trend has accelerated since the health scare has made the physical showing of a home less attractive – especially when so many coming around are simply lookie-loos.

Would a video like this help you sell your home?

There are many blogs and web sites that tell you that you should have a video to show your property. A few even try to tell you how. It isn't difficult, but it does take some care if you don't want it to look like home movies from the '50s.

This is where we can help. We can take your photographs and videos and make them into a nice finished video and it won't cost you and arm and a leg. Not sure you can even do that? Check out our blog post that is full of tips on making better photographs of your home. This also applies to videos that can be used exclusively or combined with still pictures.

Even if the pictures aren't perfect, we can often improve them as we work with them.

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Call us and get your first video done at half price so we can show you what we can do.

Learn to Take Better Pictures

Our blog post Pictures Sell the Property is a brief course in taking better pictures of your property.  It talks about the equipment (generally a good smart phone will do) and the best techniques.  We also discuss preparation for the best pictures.  Unless you are a pro, we're sure you will take better pictures because of it.