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One more thing in your inbox.  We don't need any more emails either - unless they give us something worthwhile.  Well, that is what we try to do.  We look to give a unique perspective on the real estate industry.  We don't come at you like an agent looking to sell you a house or condo.  We are homeowners too and let you know about some of the things we found along the way.  We are also investors and share that perspective as well.  That may be what is missing from some of the fix-your-house-up TV shows.  Check us out.  You can always unsubscribe if we don't get the job done.

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We have been working with real estate since the '70s and have learned a few things along the way... and we are still learning.  We are not one of the know-it-alls, the our way is the only way types.  For a time, Larry was a licensed realtor in the state of Florida.  We are just passing on some of the things we found and hope you find it interesting and helpful.  While we started this primarily as investors, much of what we have done should help anyone who has a house, condo, or manufactured home.

We have fixed houses and sold them.  We have had and still have rental properties.  We have worked with bankers as well as private lenders, and, of course, various contractors along the way.  There is always more to learn and as we do, we pass this information along. 

Listed below are some of the areas we cover and, if the article doesn't grab you one week, we'll probably have something for you the next.

What is Covered

  • Buying a house
  • Selling a house
  • Financing your purchase
  • Real estate as an investment
  • Remodeling your house
  • Dealing with contractors
  • Maintaining your property
  • Improving curb appeal


What some have said

I am grateful to have met and purchased my home from Larry Miller.  As most people know, Florida real estate is populated by many unethical folk - the opposite is true of Larry Miller.  Larry embraces a high moral standard and his word is his bond.  He is driven to helping people live in their own homes which have been tastefully and safely updated.  Without hesitation, I recommend Larry Miller as an honest businessman.
Dr. Laurie Moore

Larry has been a valuable partner in real estate deals.  On one particular investment, he was able to negotiate a good investment opportunity. Together we acquired the property for rehab and sale.  However, in an investors meeting, he found and bargained with another rehabber who was seeking a rehab property. We were able to sell the property for a quick return on our investment. I have come to appreciate Larry's real estate savvy, his integrity and his sharp negotiation skills.

Philip Kyees

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