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About Gunga7, LLC

Gunga7,LLC operates a real estate investment company under the name of Choice Property Solutions.  We buy, sell and rent houses, condos and manufactured homes in the Tampa Bay area.  This site is for specialized pages, check out our main site.

If there is anything we can do in that area, please check our site.

Home Sellers Checklist

If you are looking to sell a piece of real estate whether it is a single-family home, a condo, or a manufactured home the presentation makes a big difference in the ease of the sale and the price you receive.  Many things are easy to overlook, especially if you have lived in the home for a while.  This two-page checklist reviews many areas you may not think about.  AND... it is FREE, there is no charge.  Download a copy and save yourself some time and aggravation.  It is also helpful if you are simply looking to keep the place in best condition for your own enjoyment.

Sell Like a PRO!!!

Check out our Ebook that explains in detail the ins and outs of selling your house, condo, or manufactured home yourself.  You will learn about property preparation as well as dealing with buyers and agents.

Videos Sell Houses

Show your house to a greater number of people without them coming through your door.

Maintaining Your Home

Our subsidiary, Choice Property Solutions, has gathered information from various sources that many find helpful in buying and maintaining their property.  It is especially helpful if you are a new homeowner, but most anyone will learn something that will save them time, money, and frustration.

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